Daily archives: 2nd December 2020

Super suffixes

Year 3 and 4 are learning to spell words with different suffixes. They had to decide between a range of different rules that we now know.

“Knock off the e and add our ending.”

“Look for one vowel, look for one consonant, double the consonant and add our ending.”

“Change the y to i and add our ending.”


“Just add our ending!”

It takes a careful look at the root word and a final check if it LOOKS right before deciding what it should be!

We had an interesting discussion on why bad+er or bad+est don’t really sound right too. Super spelling work everyone and gorgeous handwriting too.


Rock painting in the sunshine!

Here we are, in the final stages of creating their rock art pictures. Stone Age people would not have had the beautiful sunshine we enjoyed, with only a small fire or lit torch for light inside deep caves, but we had great fun mark making with chalk pastels in the colours of rock – reds, yellows, brown, black and white.