Daily archives: 12th February 2021

Look at our New Shelter!

Just look at our stunning new shelter that has been installed this week.

Complete with a canopy to protect us against all the elements; a seating area for an entire class; and some large planters to add some spring colour, this is a fantastic new enhancement to our playground space.

This new installation has been purchased through funds raised by everyone in our school community and our annual sports funding premium. Thank you to everyone involved with FOLS over the last few years, whether it be to help organise or attend various fundraising events.

We look forward to the grand opening very soon!




As part of our Design Technology, Year 1 have planned, designed, built and then evaluated their own rockets! We thought about the parts of a rocket and what materials these could be made from. Our Science work on Everyday Materials helped us decide which materials we could use. We designed and labelled our rockets. We planned which materials and tools we needed, put this information into a table and then had great fun building them! The results were some fabulous, original rocket designs. Finally, we evaluated the process and any challenges we faced.