Daily archives: 25th February 2020

Safer Internet Day February 2020

During our Safer Internet Day on February 11th 2020, every child in school extended their understanding of the internet and the dangers that we might encounter when working or playing online.  Almost every child in school has access to a phone or tablet; and the large majority access the internet regularly.

In Bowfell Class, Reception and Nursery learnt about tablet safety in terms of playing games and apps; identifying things that are safe to click on etc.

Year one watched some of the episodes of Hector’s World which concentrated on issues such as keeping information safe and asking an adult for help. They have designed their own posters to help others stay safe.

Skiddaw Class learnt about what the internet is and how to seek and give permission in real life.  This was linked to our online activity and why it’s important.

Scafell Class focused on looking at the consequences of making irresponsible choices online such as: making friends with people online that we have never met in person, sharing our passwords and believing everything we read online.  You can watch this video here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/13908828


More information about keeping safe online can be found at:



Key Steps Gymnastics Competition at Dallam

Congratulations to our three amazing teams of gymnasts who recently competed at the South Lakes Keysteps Competition at Dallam School.

Every gymnast has been working extremely hard, with their coach Mrs Craggs, during lunchtimes and at their after-school Gymnastics Club since the beginning of the autumn term.   Their performances included vaults, floor routines and body management sequences.

Our youngest competitors have qualified for the area finals at Dallam School tomorrow and we wish them success as they go for gold!

“I had a fantastic time at the competition.  I had loads of fun doing my routine and my vault.  I worried at the start but then it went and I wasn’t scared anymore.  This competition has made me less scared about performing” reported Zuzia.

“I had a great time.  I want to continue to be a gymnast because it is so much fun”.  said Katie.

“We had to go onto the vault, do a floor routine and perform body management sequences in the competition.  We have worked really hard.” explained Poppy.