Daily archives: 4th November 2022

Bonfire Night Safety

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to receive a visit from some of the officers from Kendal Fire Station to talk to us about how to keep ourselves and others safe on Bonfire Night. We found out some interesting facts around the history of the celebration as well as some important tips about handling sparklers, being around bonfires and leaving it to adults to handle the fireworks!

Class 2 then also had the opportunity to look around one of the engines they had brought along and the equipment on board. What a lovely way to begin their Fire of London topic!


Reception have enjoyed an incredible visit to the National Trust Footprint site today on St Catherine’s estate in Windermere. The day began exploring the woodland, finding leaves from different trees and collecting a range of different sized sticks. They found out about how to build a campfire safely, learning that fires need oxygen, fuel and heat. They used flints and steel to create their own sparks and mini fires before toasting apples dipped in sugar.

After lunch, they learnt about willow, used loppers to cut their own pieces which were whittled using peelers and added to the fire to create charcoal. Whilst the charcoal was on the fire, there was just enough time to learn how to use a saw safely to create their own keepsakes of the day.

I think everyone will sleep well tonight!