Daily archives: 12th January 2023

Cave Painting in Class 3

Class 3 have been finding out what it would have been like to be one of the world’s first artists, painting on the walls of caves with natural materials and only their hands to create images.

Inspired by the work of our ancient ancestors, we travelled back in time to our cave – the school hall – where we worked collaboratively to create images of hands, animals and people.

It was very different to our usual experiences in art lessons.  The large pieces of paper had been crinkled and squashed to replicate the uneven surface of a cave wall; they had been positioned vertically so that we could feel what it would have been like to try to paint on walls; and the hall was dimly lit to imitate the dim light in a cave.

Unlike our ancient predecessors, we were able to use graphite sticks, acrylic paints and pastels.

Battle of the Beaks!

Class 4 have started their unit on adaptation and evolution this term. We’re looking in detail about how animals are adapted to suit their environments and why animals change over time through the process of evolution.

Today, we’ve been pretending to be a flock of birds. Groups of us had different types of beak and we examined who would be most likely to survive if we lived on an island with only one type of food. We found that some beaks were better than others at eating certain types of food. If this happened in the wild, those of us with that type of beak would be much more likely to survive!