Lacrosse tournament at Dallam

This Wednesday we competed in a Pop Lacrosse tournament at Dallam. We split into two teams and went head-to-head against six schools: Crosscrake, Crosthwaite, Storth, Burton Morewood and two Milnthorpe teams. We all played each other in ten minute five-a-side matches. The A team got to the finals but lost them against Milnthorpe A; but still grabbing a strong second place. The a team qualified for the North of England Championships. We’re all very excited!

Written by Kacper Dobson and Alfie Smith.

The B team won their first and last game. We drew one and lost the rest. Fortunately we scored a goal in every match. We all tried very hard and we all got a drink and a biscuit at the end.

Written by Charlie Hayes.