The Cabin…

On Thursday 4th January, in the afternoon, a crane landed a cabin in the playground.

The cabin was transported, in two halves, by trucks. First they put one half onto the block stands and about half an hour later they attached the second half.

The workers were harnessed to the crane to keep them safe. They had to wear hard hats, gloves, high vis jackets, metal toe capped boots, padded tops and pants and waterproof trousers. They used walkie talkies so they didn’t have to shout and so they could communicate to the person in the crane and to each other. The workers had to use metal chains and hooks so then they could attach them to the cabin and lift the cabin into the playground.

The cabin is staying for up to 10 months and we are going to use it as a dining hall canteen for now because the other one is having work done on it. By Skiddaw Class