Scafell Y5/6

Welcome to Scafell Class

Scafell Class in Edinburgh February 2017

We are 20 year 5 and 6 children taught by Miss Dawson and Mrs Farraday.

This term, we will be continuing our exciting journey into the world of Ancient Egypt in History.  We are looking forward to our Egyptian experience at Tullie House Museum in February.  Our Science this term enables us to enjoy some practical work creating different circuits in our topic on Electricity. 


Spring Term Curriculum

Our curriculum this term involves:

Maths: This term we continue to develop skills to solve calculations and multi-step problems in a range of contexts. Although our multiplication knowledge is improving, we will continue developing our speed and accuracy; and use known facts to help us solve problems. Additionally, we will be focusing on fractions including: comparing and ordering; finding equivalents; and converting improper fractions to proper fractions. Year 5 will develop the skills to add and subtract fractions, whilst Year 6 will move on to multiplying and dividing fractions. This unit of work also covers the relationship between decimals and percentages.
We will continue our learning of area and perimeter and begin to look further into measurement including using, reading, writing and converting between different units of measure; also covering imperial units. We will then move on to angle: to measure angles using protractors and identify the value of missing angles in different polygons. Year 6 will learn more about vocabulary and properties related to circles.
English: Our writing this term will focus on news reports and debates; for and against a local or global issue. The children will use their computing and research skills to formulate ideas and create a strong, fair and balanced argument and, with the help of eco-team, be able to question and debate this argument with their classmates. The children will also develop their skills of reporting; distinguishing between fact and fiction, using quotations and creating their own newspaper reports. We will also spend time writing a recount about our fantastic trip to Tullie House Egyptian Museum in February. Our spellings this term will continue to focus on the Year 5/6 word list and we will continue to have two Guided Reading sessions that develop skills in inference, comprehension and deduction. Our work also includes understanding sentence grammar, using dictionaries and thesauruses effectively and further learning regarding word classes and punctuation.
Science: Electricity. This halfterm we will be exploring electricity, and developing our scientific skills through practical investigations. We will be learning about circuits and conductors and (linking with our English writing unit) how to be a more eco-friendly world through energy saving ideas. After half term, we will be focusing on Living Things and their Habitats, which links perfectly with our Geography and Art topics.
Topic: Our Ancient Egypt topic (History) will continue until halfterm, after which we begin Mountains and Rivers topic (Geography). This will include developing our understanding of the water cycle, coasts and rivers, mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes, climate zones and biomes.
PE: On Mondays we will be starting working on a dance inspired by our Egyptian topic. The children will also be developing their skills in Invasion Games, including lacrosse and rounders, with Mrs Craggs every Thursday afternoon as usual. Please can the children have long tracksuit bottoms and warm fleeces or jumpers for Mrs Craggs Games outside and indoor PE kit on Mondays.
Computing: This term we will be continuing to develop our skills to search safely and effectively online, check accuracy of information and understand the basics of programs such as ‘Powerpoint’ and ‘Word’. Additionally, we will be learning the skills of programming and debugging using the program ‘Scratch’.
Music: This term we will focus on an exciting topic of Songwriting and Composition. The children will also continue to take part in a singing assembly every Wednesday.
RE: We will be exploring this terms value of Thankfulness and learning about what it means to be a Muslim.
French: Learning ‘All About Moi’, stories and French culture; developing our language skills and knowledge.
Design Technology: This term we will be researching, designing and making a home for a pet or wild animal. We will also be using a variety of artistic design skills to create animal sculptures.
PSHE: SEAL units – Exploring ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Going for Goals’. We will also be developing our understanding of our Christian value; Thankfulness.
Forest Schools: We will also be learning a variety of skills in our woodland area through our activities; Exploring life in the forest – Bugs and Beasts.