Scafell Class

Welcome to Scafell Class

Scafell Class in Edinburgh February 2017


We are 26 year 5 and 6 children taught by Mrs Farraday and Mrs Craggs.

This term, we are continuing our study of locations; this includes comparisons between Levens, Edinburgh, Athens and further afield.  In Science we are finding out about plants and living things. Continue reading to discover more about what Scafell Class are getting up to this term......


Summer Term Curriculum

Our curriculum this term involves:

Maths: This term we continue to develop skills to solve all calculations and multi-step problems in a range of contexts and using all four rules of numbers; addition, subtraction and division.  We will be extending our maths skills to solve problems and investigate; as well as extending skills into other areas of the curriculum.  Both year groups will be deepening their understanding across the programmes of study in order to ensure that they are ready for their transition to Y6 or KS3.

English: Much of our non-fiction writing this term will continue to be linked to our topics and our learning experiences.   We will also be using illustrations, books and short films to inspire creative narrative and poetry.  During this term we will be learning poems by heart to perform and preparing our own individual presentations to our class on a chosen subject in order to develop our speaking and listening.  Our spellings will continue to focus on the rules and patterns in the Year 5&6 wordlist.  Each week we will continue to enjoy guided reading lessons that develop skills and broaden our experiences of different types of text.   Our work will also include further work on sentence grammar, word class and punctuation.

Science: Plants and Animals:  Investigating life processes and reproduction of plants and animals. We will be identifying the different parts and functions of flowers and plants as well as testing conditions needed for healthy plants.  We will also be exploring and comparing the different life cycles of mammals, amphibians and insects, including metamorphosis. Additionally, we will look at the changes in the human lifecycle, including puberty and will compare gestation periods of different mammals. Topic: This term we will be continuing our geographical topic which involves developing our understanding of locations.  This includes comparing Edinburgh, Levens and Athens in terms of both physical and human geography such as: climate, settlements, geology, trade etc.

We will be extending our understanding and interpretation of different maps and atlases and locating countries and cities of the world. This topic will conclude with a private independent study on a more distant location in North or South America.

PE: kwik cricket, rounders, athletics, lacrosse, tennis

Computing: Our rights and responsibilities when using social media + mobile phones. What is cyberbullying?

Music: Drumming.  Singing and Performing.

RE:  Understanding Endurance and Stories of Creation from world faiths.

ART: Art in nature: Georgia O’Keefe, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne.

PSHE: SEAL Changes and Relationships

FOREST SCHOOLS: team challenges and games, problem solving and outdoor creations.