Anti-Bullying Week

This week is National Anti-bullying Week and the school have been thinking about how we can be kinder to each other. The whole school are in the process of signing a pledge: to make everyone here, feel valued, respected and part of our school community, today and everyday.

Today some of our junior pupils came together to work with Miss Dawson. Firstly, we watched a video about one girl’s experience of bullying, and how it made her feel. You can watch it here at:

We then used toothpaste as a symbol to demonstrate how once our negative words have been said we cannot ‘put them back’ again. Some of the children made an attempt at this, resulting in some sticky but minty-fresh smelling hands!

Finally, we created our own fantastic anti-bullying posters. Please take a look!

Good work Scafell and Skiddaw!