Sporty Skiddaw

Today Skiddaw have been super sporty. It was our last morning working with Keith Robinson, from Newcastle Falcons, on the Tackling Numbers programme. We have been working over the past 5 weeks on some fantastic tag rugby sessions followed by sport inspired maths lessons. Today it was all about financial know how. We learnt about bank, building society and post office accounts, about the importance of earning money and saving up rather than borrowing and having to pay more back in the long term – really important life lessons!

Then in the afternoon we took two teams to the Quick Sticks Hockey tournament for Y3 and 4 children hosted by Dallam. Everyone raised their game in this competition and we won all but one game! Levens Llamas and Levens Rhinos both did themselves very proud with great team spirit, game awareness and strong tactics. Levens Rhinos came in the top two teams out of 14, and go through to the next round. Thank you to all parent transporters and keen supporters it was great to hear so many cheering us on!