Levens Lego Expo 2019

Year 2, 3 and 4 children have been working on a special Lego project in collaboration with C-STEM this term. Tim Farron MP came to see and hear what the children have been working on. Over the past 10 weeks they have been building different computer controllable Lego robots each with particular mechanisms that move, rotate and roam around. Taking inspiration from the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, the 5 teams have been building their own moon bases incorporating areas for energy, water and air capsules. They also rebuilt and modified one of the robots and programmed it ready to demonstrate to visitors. This project has been a wonderful springboard for true teamwork and the children have showed resilience when things haven’t gone to plan. They have been patient with one another and discovered new strengths and talents in each other.

Tim said: “It was great to see some brilliant teamwork and some real imagination from the pupils in their designs, thinking of the things you’d need to have to sustain life on the moon. They also had some really clever use of robotics and computers in their projects, proving that Levens Primary School is home to some of our budding engineers of the future.”

Thank you very much to Tim Farron for coming along to view our work and to Fran Ward of C-STEM for including us in this amazing project.