Skiddaw’s Science

Skiddaw class have been busy with their science topic all about animals this half term. They have made bird feeders and water trays from recycled materials getting ready to take part in the Big Garden Bird Watch. Pupils showed lots of patience and perseverance, it isn’t easy to keep going if you see very little but special praise to those who stuck at it! Highlights included seeing a mouse and a sparrow hawk including lots of jackdaws, dunnocks and long tailed tits.

We have continued our work learning about food chains. These all start with a producer plant that gets its energy from the sun. Here is a selection of our super science photos. Not all work is easy to show in a photo as some has been done on online games about the woodland but I know many pupils have enjoyed the range of different tasks. Well done to everyone for their continued effort and achievement in this topic. Let’s hope the birds continue to visit your feeding and watering stations over the next few months too.