Superb Shelters!

A big welcome back to everyone in class 4!

It’s been so nice to see all of your smiling faces this week. Everyone has come back with a whole bundle of enthusiasm, and it sounds like everyone has had an amazing holiday! We’ve been up to plenty of fun things in class this week (as well as just a little bit of maths!), and we’ve finished everything off with a trip to our forest schools area.

Buzzing with enthusiasm, we all made the short trek up the hill to learn that we would be building shelters! In teams of 4, with nothing more than a tarpaulin, rope and 4 pegs, our task was to design and build a shelter that would protect our group from the elements. We learned how to elect a suitable site, thought about how we could use the natural world to our advantage, made a plan and then got to work.

Most groups settled on a nice, simple ridgeline design, creating a tent shape with a line between some trees. Some amazing teamwork was spotted, with people teaching each other the skills they had picked up from activities outside of school and playing to their strengths. Take a look at our shelters below. One was even big enough to keep the whole class out of the rain!

Keep your eyes peeled for more shelter blogs coming your way soon as we bring our knowledge back to class to write a set of instructions for building your own shelter. Who knows – maybe you could give it a go at home!