Kendal Mountain Festival

On Friday 17th November, Scafell went to the Mountain Festival at the Leisure Centre to celebrate our local area, amazing people and the beautiful world around us.

We met a scientist (Huw James) who showed us how avalanches work, and taught us about the right gear to wear when climbing Mount Everest. He also showed us how to survive in the cold, and how to get a drink from the river or dirty water. He used a special cup that separates the dirt and the bacteria to make edible and clear water.

Afterwards, we played a little game called ‘I’m a student get me out of here’ where some poor pupil and teacher victims had to eat disgusting bugs including; a grasshopper, a locust, a mealworm and a water-bug. We even got to meet Bruno the slithering Snake!

We also heard from the very famous Matt Dickinson about his amazing adventures. It inspired us all! We had an amazing time, and especially liked watching the paragliding film. Thank you to Miss Dawson, Mr Webb, Mr Stewart and Mr Pickles for taking us!