Christmas Carol Service at St John’s Church

On Thursday afternoon, the staff, children and their families contributed to a fabulous Christmas service at our local church. Songs were sung, prayers were read and the Nativity Story was told. Below are some pictures of Scafell class rehearsing for their fantastic performance; after only a few days of being given their lines. Well done Scafell, and well done to the rest of the school for their beautiful singing.

Thank you to Mrs Wadey for her consistent enthusiasm regarding music and singing, to Open The Book for the wonderful costumes they allowed us to borrow, and to everyone who was able to attend. Merry Christmas to you all!

Below is a prayer read by one of our children during our special service:

O Heavenly Father,

We thank you for the food and remember the hungry,

We thank you for our health and remember the sick,

We thank you for our friends and remember the friendless,

We thank you for our freedom and remember the enslaved.

We are grateful for each hand we hold, gathered around this table,

From far and near we travel home, blessed that we are able.

Bless us Lord this Christmas time, with peace and understanding,

Joy that is beyond material possessions, love that knows no boundaries.