Time for a timeline!

To finish our history work on Developments in the Railways we explored where in time this all happened. Firstly, we had cards with other areas of history we study in school, and other important events, and we decided what order they came in. We worked in teams to do this, discussing and justifying our choices. We learnt about BC and AD and how we start counting our year numbers from the year of Jesus’ birth. We then made a display in the classroom with all the cards in the right order. The time the dinosaurs became extinct wouldn’t fit on our time line and it was amazing to think that this would actually be out in the Irish Sea if it was possible to continue our time line in the scale that we have used. This blew our minds!!

Here we doing our research into different steam locomotives which we presented to everyone in Celebration Assembly recently. We are also busy sorting times in history and then displaying our work in the classroom.